Leadership Team

David Burnham
Managing Partner, Corporate Operations David co-founded WSI PBG, LLC with its inception in 2003. In this role, he has overseen the development and growth of the group into a national entity, providing extensive field sales and contract consulting expertise.

Rick Ryan
Managing Partner, Field and Client Operations Rick co-founded WSI PBG, LLC and has played an instrumental role since company inception July of 2003. He leads our firm in building our field sales teams, interfacing with clients and overseeing all field strategy, direction and performance.

Daniel Remund
Military Health Systems Consultant Dan joined WSI PBG, LLC in January, 2007 after 28 years in the Army Medical Service Corps, specifically in pharmacy leadership roles. In late 2011, he formed The Remund Group which maintains a structural working relationship with WSI PBG, LLC.

James Clark, R.Ph, MBA
Veterans Healthcare System Consultant Prior to joining WSI PBG, LLC in April 2009 Jim spent 33 years in the VA Healthcare System. During that time Jim spent twenty five years specifically in Veterans Health pharmacy management.

Prior to his responsibilities with WSI PBG, LLC, David spent 27 years in pharmaceutical sales, marketing and sales management. He also served as national sales director, federal government sales, for Pharmacia Corporation. In this role, David designed and built the largest dedicated sales, contracting and account management team for federal government accounts in the pharmaceutical industry. The following is a summary of his pharmaceutical career experience:

  • National level leadership for federal government, institutional and medical specialty sales forces, Pharmacia Corporation.
  • Marketing Director, Women’s Healthcare products, Pharmacia Corporation.
  • Director, Medical Sciences Liaison CNS Disorders, Pharmacia Corporation.
  • Various district management and sales representative positions.

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Prior to this position, Rick spent 16 years in pharmaceutical sales, account management and regional sales management. Immediately prior to founding WSI PBG, LLC, he served as regional sales manager for Pharmacia’s federal government team. In this capacity, he led a team of sales specialists and account managers in establishing Pharmacia’s products with VA, DoD and Indian Health Service accounts in the Western United States and Pacific Rim.The following is a summary of his pharmaceutical career experience:

  • Regional Sales Manager, Federal Government Western Region Team, Pharmacia Corporation
  • Federal Government Account Manager, Pharmacia Corporation
  • Various primary care and institutional sales responsibilities

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During the early portion of his career in the military, Dan held the position of pharmacy officer at several Army hospitals. He subsequently moved into overall Department of Defense Pharmacy leadership and was instrumental in building the DoD Pharmacoeconomic Center into the primary entity providing pharmacy benefit management services for the TriCare pharmacy program. Dan retired from the Army as Director of the Pharmcoeconomic Center in 2005. He brings a strong military pharmacy background to the Pharmaceutical Business Group which includes a broad array of formulary, operations and contracting expertise.The following is a summary of his military pharmacy career experience:

  • Senior Consultant to DoD Pharmacoeconomic Center
  • Director, Pharmacoeconomic Center
  • Deputy Director, DoD Pharmacoeconomic Cente
  • Chief, Inpatient Pharmacy Service
  • Pharmacy Officer, Army Medical Service Corps

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During his tenure at the VA, Jim served as pharmacy service chief at five VA medical centers (Columbus, Ohio, Tacoma, Washington, Durham, North Carolina, Bay Pines, Florida and Fayetteville, Arkansas). He has served on multiple Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committees at both the medical center and VISN level. In this capacity he was accountable for clinical and pharmaco-economic evaluations of drug products to providers, VA management and VISN PBM managers.Jim also served in the VA Central Office for three years as a national program director for the VA CMOP (Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy) initiative. Jim brings exceptional knowledge of the VA heathcare system organization, policies, procedures and pharmacy/formulary management operations to WSI PBG.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5